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Product name : Mobile Power Bank
Item : E007-2800mAh
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Product Features

1.       Back – clamped mobile power supply

2.       Size: 115*58*12mm

3.       Colors: Black/White

4.       Weight: 111g

5.       Applications: charging for iPhone/iPad, Mobile, MP3/MP4, GPS, PSP, E-book, MID etc

6.       Working Temperature: -10℃-45℃


Performance parameters

1.       12MM thickness, one of the thinnest back-clamped power supply for iPhone 4/4s

2.       Integrated function of mobile protection, back-up power and data synchronization

3.       Lazer engraved shining aluminium case, fashion 3D pictures, anti-scratch surface

4.       Double PCM protection from being overcharged&over-discharged

5.       Auto-identification system of Mini PC, easy operation, direct charge

6.       Double PCM protection from being overcharged&over-discharged

7.       Widely applied to different electronic products, Mini USB/Micro USB/PSP/Nokia 2.0/Apple connectors

8.       Input: Micro USB  5V/1A

    Output: USB2.0  5V/1A

9.       Cycle life: :≥500 times

10.    Warranty:one year from delivery


Product Description

1. Power LED, show the power status at any time 
2. Long life, and more than 800 times to charge and discharge 
3. Using the smart protection chip, provide overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection, more than 5 kinds of security 
4. Using the polymer lithium-ion batteries, long life, and safer 
5. After 72 hours aging test, the product have high performance and high stability 
6. Brushed metal look, more stylish, more wear-resistant 
7 Connect the USB cable with the product's USB port, can charge the mobile device anywhere and anytime, to supply continuous power to meet the power demand of the mobile devices 
Support Devices: 
1, Mobile Phone: iPhone. Nokia, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, HTC, and etc. 
2, Games: PSP1000/2000/3000. NDSL. NDSi. GPS and etc. 
3, Other digital Devices: iPod, iPad, DV, DC, MP3, MP4, PDA and etc. 

1. Please don't put the product at high temperature, high sensitivity sunlight or fire 
2. Don't crush the product 
3. Don't use on the condition of flammable air and dust 
4. Don't try to dismantle and fix 
5. Don't put the product in damn air or liquid

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