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How many parts included for a mobile power?

Author : Date : 9/4/2012 2:59:15 AM
 Mobile power is served as an integrated system of power storage, voltage boosting, charging management. It's originally below 4.2V, but input voltage of digital products are 5V, so when the power is discharging to digital products, it has to first boot voltage to 5V by it's internal PCM system.


Generally a mobile phone power includes three major parts:

1. Battery

Battery is the core part of mobile power, it served as a power storage. Usually two battery types areused for mobile power: aluminium cased lithium-ion battery and li-polymer battery. We are now using both lithium-ion and li-polymer battery for our power bank. Compared with original Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd battery, both lithium-ion and li-po could support a much longer working time for 500 times, safer performance and environmentally-friendly.


2.  Shell

The shells we now developed are lazer engraved aluminium type and polished plastic type. Aluminium type is very delicate and durable from damage as scratch, friction. Plastic type is light and portable.


3.  PCM - Charging&discharging protection

PCM is an in-built charging&discharging control loaded with IC and MOS,  to protect the mobile power not be overcharged&over-discharged, over-voltage , overloaded, short-circuit.