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Mobile power empty mark? !Why the nominal capacity than small?

Author : Date : 9/10/2012 12:22:31 AM
 Recently on the Internet, see a consumer to buy mobile power puts forward capacity of the question, the following is the text.
     Q: because now the phone with HTC power too fast, so I recently bought a nominal is 5000 mAh mobile power supply, my cell phone battery is 1500 mAh capacity, theoretically this power supply should be able to full of three times of electricity, but the actual use down generally only two more, the third is hard to full of, what is this? If I buy fake?
     A: from your situation, the mobile power itself should be is not much larger quality problem, this situation is not represent the manufacturer has serious problems of empty mark. Because mobile power said the capacity of the itself just internal lithium-ion batteries can load power maximum, but in fact, this kind of capacity is to completely filled with, and in the use of mobile power to other equipment of charging process, also can have certain power loss, so the market of the nominal capacity of the mobile power if converted to electricity use actual words, are generally to play on the 7 or 8 fold. That is you buy of the nominal 5000 mAh mobile power supply is also can charge the actual output 3500-4000 mAh power, and therefore less than three times and mobile phone charge is normal. Of course, not all the mobile market power products are so, some big brand of high quality products for use in management chips snacks and have the original technology, then the energy conversion efficiency or can be high on a few, the conversion efficiency can reach more than 90% of the product is very good now, but the price for this kind of products also tend to be high on many, sometimes it is unnecessary to demand.
    After seeing the question and answer, many people may suddenly realize, that my mobile power no empty mark, but not of the professional, wronged manufacturers. Indeed, many consumer mobile power buy a hand, use up the number of times with his own estimate of the may have slightly in and out, so think is manufacturer empty mark, it is also true that in certain scope wronged good manufacturers.
    Why a lot of people have felt mobile power virtual mark situation?
That's right! Is the problem of mobile phones, the efficiency of the cell phone battery. Let's cell phone battery is also the inside of the lithium battery, the voltage is 3.7 v. And we when charging, lack of the voltage with 5 v, also is in the phone, within the cell phone charging IC circuit, even the 5 v voltage drop down into a 3.7 v to the battery. Boost will has loss, step-down also have. And this charge is very inefficient is quite low.
    As I look up material, the handset charging efficiency, only about 75%, for example, you use socket to iphone4 charging, give iphone4 1 degree in electrical charge, if you go to see your house electric meter of walking on word is 1.25 KWH, come out of the more than 0.25 degrees by mobile phone charging circuit of electric consumption, but this is not to say that the electrical outlet of your home. Therefore said the mobile power very innocent, if so calculate words. Mobile phone charging circuit of the internal efficiency is 75% of words, the overall efficiency well. 5000 MAH capacity, a practical to small 4 battery in 5000 * * 75% 90% is = 3375 MAH, and these power sufficient for the iphone4 filling 3375/1470 = 2.3 times! How, and we used up pretty much, most 2 times or so. Theory and practice of the agreement is better!
    As a professional manufacturer portable power supply, the million liters take the good faith as this, never cheat on empty mark, and conversion of products in 80% 85%. Of course, one is bad business to or mobile power products for empty mark capacity, when consumer choose and buy products from various aspects must understand the careful, don't let the real empty mark product pit.