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Selfie stick

Author : Date : 8/25/2015 3:03:19 PM
 A selfie stick is a monopod used to take selfie photographs by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm.[1] The metal sticks are typically extendable, with a handle on one end and an adjustable clamp on the other end to hold a phone in place.[2] Some have remote or Bluetooth controls, letting the user decide when to take the picture,[2] and models designed for cameras have a mirror behind the viewscreen so that the shot can be lined up.[3][4] In contrast to a monopod for stabilising a camera on the ground, a selfie stick's arm is thickest and strongest at the opposite end from the camera in order to provide better grip and balance when held aloft.[5] Safety concerns and the inconvenience the product causes to others has resulted in their being banned at many venues, including Disneyland.