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how to maintain Mobile phone mobile power ?

Author : Date : 9/10/2012 12:23:33 AM
 As smart phones generally, now more and more clients need to use mobile power, but the 
reality is that everybody often don't know mobile power use should need to pay attention to 
what precautions, cell phone mobile power and how to maintain, to make use of it live 
1, do not throw, percussion, fall mobile power;
2, do not make mobile power fall into the water, avoid long-term will mobile power exposure 
to the sun or rain;
3, do not make mobile power stored in high temperature place or flammable liquid, gas or 
explosives nearby;
4 when not in use, please make mobile power placed in dry places;
5, please do not disassemble or use damaged mobile power;
6, to mobile power charging happens in the power circuit, please turn off the power switch, 
and then sent factory maintenance mobile power;
7, will move the power stored in children can not get place, avoid the accident;
8, please according to local related environment protection law dumping the products and 
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At the same time, the battery over /, the company, as a professional phone portable power 
supply manufacturer, to all users promised to stick to the product quality the first, the 
product is the life exists. We have reason to believe that, if mobile power industry many 
some strong brand manufacturers, some more rise over the such mobile power OEM factory, the 
mobile power industry will be a brilliant industry.