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how to use mobile power ?

Author : Date : 9/10/2012 12:25:19 AM
 n fact, how to use mobile power ? Mobile power usage of such a problem, it is listed separately to write an article seems a little that. How to use mobile power is not simple, buy a mobile power supply, look very clear. However, in order to not come into contact with the power of mobile, never used mobile power users can better learn more about, or to fee a little effort to be a description.
       Mobile power may have a more general understanding, as its name suggests, mobile power is the power can be moved, now features more and more, increasing the power consumption of the hands of digital devices, such as smart phones, MP3 MP4, PSP, IPDA, digital cameras and so on and standby power.
       With the increased possibility of increase in device functionality or power consumption is growing, the original battery at any time without electricity, mobile phone users are likely to miss some important phone or an emergency there is no way to call. There along with the opening of 3G mobile Internet more and more people, of course, did not open the 3G before using the mobile phone QQ    MSN is also very common, but this has led to increased power consumption of mobile phones, mobile phones may at any time without electricity but the moment they can not find the charging, there may be not with the original charger is also possible with the original charger but did not find the 220V mains the same charge can not be electric.
MP4, PSP users that times of emergency, no electricity is even more disappointing, because I play PSP, knowing that the original battery can only adhere to the 3-4 hours, but sometimes playing the game to 3-4 hours once-off, wait until the power only to find the game did not save it depressed dead. This time mobile power come in handy, we may now there are doubts as different as the shape and size of the original battery of mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PSP, mobile power, how come in handy?
       In fact, this is the handheld mobile digital devices function increased, basically a lot of features need to connect your computer to, of course, connected to the computer, use the USB cable, that the USB cable in addition to most of the data transfer of function outside but also directly to the charging of these devices. I would like to have a lot of people use the computer to the mobile phone or MP3, MP4, PSP, the IPDA direct charging, the mobile power is to use this feature to charge mobile phones, MP3, MP4, the PSP, PDA, etc..
       In other words, as long as a computer USB port property almost to the USB port on a mobile power will be able to directly charge most cell phones, MP3, MP4, the PSP, IPDA (the function of the transmission of data is not), and of course this is only the only charge of the department, the most important thing is this feature of the "mobile", because in times of emergency, even if we can find the mains to the charge of our own phone, but when you have the time to wait until the edge of the charge is full? Mobile power, its own mobile phone size, but the lithium battery inside the phone several times (like Yardley l production of YIS-822 mobile power there is 8000 mA capacity), so you can directly put it in your bag connected to the phone can charge edge "mobile" signs USB cable, plus    A variety of mobile phone charging head on it.
Now after reading the article, basically it was clear mobile power is how the same thing.
The same time, the Yardley l Battery Co., Ltd. As a professional mobile phone mobile power supply manufacturers want all manufacturers to make high-quality mobile power products, so that the regularization of the industry scale, in order to further and further, farther and farther . Brand of true experience wish more and more mobile power can be widely recognized by consumers, the consumer is responsible, but also to themselves.