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mobile power classification

Author : Date : 9/10/2012 12:24:33 AM
 Mobile power is a collection of store electricity, booster, charging management in one of the portable devices. Store the dielectric generally USES the lithium electricity core, because the lithium electricity core volume relative small, large capacity, market circulation wide, price moderate, is widely used in digital products. At the same time, there are a lot of mobile power brand, the more common have Yoobao/feather bo, pisen/quality wins, sinoele/west's electronic, electrical small 2, harry tong, Dopod/DuoPuDa, U extension, Mili/m force, IT-a CEO, energizer, pivoful/PuNuo phillips, etc.
      Mobile phone mobile power as the intelligent mobile phones and tablet computer backup power the best solution, there have been so many mass known as the brand, but it exactly how many species? In fact, the front we have simple discussed the problem, see mobile power classification: Below, we to give you a detailed introduction. Generally speaking, mobile power have four different types.
      The first kind is common charge function mobile power. This mobile power is the market more mobile type of power, they don't take any extension function, can only carry on the charging and discharging. They compared the modelling of the most fashionable, but also adopted flexible packaging core, belongs to the professional external portable portable power supply.
       The second is mixed-use portable power supply, the mobile power also is at present the more popular one. They generally in addition to bring mobile power charging and discharging function, but also some other integrated the practical function, like magic power, force jie is wing series and feather bo YB-462, and other products that have LED lighting function.
       The third is the specialized back clip type mobile power. This mobile power is for apple mobile phone make, can be directly mounted in the apple phone use, but its only applicable to apple mobile phone, the user selective relatively small.
      A fourth is with solar charging function mobile power supply. This mobile power with solar panels, in use process, can charge through the sun. This kind of portable power supply at present practical also is not very strong, must be in where there is sunshine can charge, and solar power and the conversion rate is too low, so the current penetration rate is not high.
This is just a preliminary to mobile power simple classification. The next two years, mobile power market growth rate of more than 200%, with the mobile power rapid development of the industry, and mobile power industry of formal scale, the classification standard will become the rule.
      With the purification of the market, power supply industry will move to regulate road of development, and consumers will also experience the set of advanced technology, high conversion efficiency, long life ability in one of the mobile power products, realize the real power will never end the wireless world! The battery over /, the company, as a professional mobile power production factory, also hope that all manufacturers to make high quality mobile power product, insist to product quality first, life exists.